WYSOK was Established in 1979 and is headed by the son of its founder Sensei Shane Walker. Shane has been training in the Martial Arts for over 39 years and currently holds the grades of 7th Dan in Karate, 6th Dan in Ju Jitsu and 4th Dan in both Kobu Jutsu and Kickboxing.

Whilst WYSOK is big enough to support students in learning and instructors in teaching, it is small enough to ensure all students and instructors are made to feel part of the family. We regularly hold courses, gradings, tournaments and social events so students are regularly in contact with our other clubs and instructors.

One of the main aims of WYSOK is to foster and encourage the development of the martial arts, in whatever form they may take and to forge good relations with others and local communities.

If you are interested in Karate or Martial Arts training for either yourself or your children please browse to our 'Clubs' section to find your nearest club or Click Here to send us an email.

All WYSOK instructors are first aid trained, DBS checked, fully insured and most importantly have the knowledge and experience that only comes from many years of martial arts training.

WYSOK are proud members of NAKMAS, a national governing body of Karate and Martial Arts schools and as such are kept up to date with the latest information and coaching methods.

Find Your Club

There are a number of different types of Martial Arts clubs within WYSOK.

Some are especially organised to teach younger students, others teach styles like Kickboxing or Ju Jitsu. Finally clubs that teach Karate to all ages and abilities.

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Styles Taught Within WYSOK

Wado Ryu - Karate

Ju Jitsu

Mu Chindo - Karate



  • Kobu Jutsu
  • Bo Jutsu
  • Nunchaku Jutsu
  • Sai Jutsu
  • Jo Jutsu
  • Tonfa Jutsu
  • Kama Jutsu
  • Iai Justu

About Our Founder

WYSOK was founded in 1979 by Shihan Ann Walker who after over 35 years of training and dedication to the martial arts became the first woman in Europe to be awarded the prestigious title of 7th Dan in Wado Ryu Karate. Ann continued to lead WYSOK until her death in 2014, by which time she had trained and taught in the Martial Arts for over 40 years.